CU Cool-down: Take the Heat off Your CU Marketing Department

What if your marketing department was treated differently? What if the mortgage department went to the marketing department, not asking for more tools, but offering more tools for the marketers to use? The result would be a happier marketing department and a stronger working dynamic between mortgage and marketing teams within your credit union.

A Profitable 2017: Credit Union Mortgage Marketing Tips

Take a step back and create strategic marketing plans that will help your credit union achieve home loan goals for this year and the coming years. Find out our TOP 3 TIPS to grow your purchase mortgage business and increase your bottom.

Wrapping Up Real Estate: Credit Unions & Mortgages

The art of having Christmas presents beautifully wrapped in a shop has definitely gone by the wayside in most places. It might be a nice bonus, but not a necessity. What IS still a necessity for consumers is an impeccable home buying and selling process. Credit unions can provide solutions to many of these needs through existing programs. But can CUs truly give their members the whole package?

The Cash Crave: Loyalty Reward Programs & CUs

Points, gifts, extras — we all want the bonuses that come with using certain services and products. And with each year, this desire and expectation for those rewards is growing stronger and stronger for American consumers. Credit unions are not new to the cash-back or points game. But some innovative CUs have moved beyond the typical cash-back credit card programs.

Top 5 Reasons to Thank a Credit Union

It's Thanksgiving and a perfect time for us to share why every member should be thankful that they belong to a credit union (and why we love CUs!). See which ones made our top five list. 

Is Your CU Sticky? Keep Your Members Around For The Mortgage

Credit unions know the importance of their members staying “in-house” when it comes time to close on a new home. But it’s not always easy to make this happen. Find out how to keep your credit union “sticky” and your members coming back for more.

A CU Sweet Spot: First-Time Millennial Homebuyers

First-time home buyers make up a large target market in the real estate industry, and an important group for credit unions. But the CU sweet spot for increasing purchase mortgages comes at the intersection of purchase experience and generation: first-time home buying Millennials.


What Do People Think About Credit Unions?

Society, members, banks and others may or may not accurately understand credit unions. But, CUs, we know what you really do—Credit unions offer amazing opportunities for members to own their dream home.


A Win-Win-Win Purchase Mortgage Program

When it comes to purchase mortgages, is it possible for everyone involved to walk away with a “win”? Unlike sports, where someone has to lose, a home purchase transaction can be a great experience for everyone involved. Find out from our CU partners how they’ve experienced this win-win-win.

Three Steps Towards Earning More of Your Members Purchase Mortgage Business

We hear the same issues time and time again from credit unions across the country trying to engage with more of their home-buying members. Our advice can include a variety of tactics and tools. But three keys continue to hold true for nearly all of our CU partners. These keys create a long-term strategy that is truly effective.

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