It's Thanksgiving and a perfect time for us to share why every member should be thankful that they belong to a credit union (and why we love CUs!).

1) You’re family! - When consumers join a credit union, they're not just a customer, they become a member and have some ownership in the credit union. We love that credit unions see their members as more than customers and value them in big ways.

2) CUs keep rates low and rewards high
- Credit unions pass on their earnings to members in the form of lower rates and other free services. And even better, they partner with CUSOs to bring more rewards to their members. Our CUSO loves partnering with hundreds of CUs and handing out real Cash Rewards through our HomeAdvantage program.

3) They charge lower fees than big banks - Typically, credit unions offer checking and savings accounts with low to no fees. This means more money stays in their members' wallets. 

4) Personalized attention - When it comes to loans, credit unions are famous for their personalized services and consideration with members, especially those that may have unusual circumstances. So, big, life purchases like, cars and homes, become more within reach for many that wouldn’t have the option outside a CU.

5) They serve, serve and serve members - Account customer service is where CUs shine the brightest. They often go “above and beyond” to help members...sometimes regardless of the time of the day (or night). And it’s not uncommon for CU representatives to address you by name.

Thank you, credit unions, for bringing so much to the table for your members, day after day, year after year!