The art of having Christmas presents beautifully wrapped in a shop has definitely gone by the wayside in most places. Perhaps it’s because we buy many more gifts at lower prices than we used to. Or maybe it’s just because consumers don’t need or want that service anymore. Whatever the reason, an impeccably wrapped Christmas gift is not usually on our priority list at Christmas. It might be a nice bonus, but not a necessity.

What IS still a necessity for consumers, and perhaps more important than ever before, is an impeccable home buying and selling process. Homebuyers want access to the best online services to search for a home. They want the real estate agent to walk them through finding the home, the loan and the closing. They want closing to be easy and simple. And of course they want to spend the least amount of money possible,while getting all available extras.

Credit unions can easily provide solutions to many of these needs through existing programs and services. But can CUs truly offer it all? Is it really possible for a home buyer to go to one spot to discover, research, select and close on a home? And could that place be your credit union?

YES! CU Realty Services has made this very thing possible. While the art of a beautifully wrapped gift may be a thing of the past in the retail services world, new technology and accessibility have made a turn-key real estate program the way of the future. And it’s within reach for most credit unions. Your credit union can truly wrap up real estate in an pristine seamless package that benefits the member and your purchase mortgage goals.

So don’t let your credit union settle for cheap wrapping paper and smashed bows when it comes to providing real estate services for your members. Be the credit union that gives it all and more this Christmas and all throughout the year! 

To find out more about our turn-key real estate program, HomeAdvantage®, read more on our website.