Internet Is Still King: CU Members Buying Homes

Home buyers and sellers are doing more and more to educate themselves—with more than half turning to the internet as a first step, to look at properties and research the process of home buying. With the real estate journey now starting online, it’s more important than ever for credit unions to rethink their mortgage marketing plans. Find out what you need to do.

Is Your CU Sticky? Keep Your Members Around For The Mortgage

Credit unions know the importance of their members staying “in-house” when it comes time to close on a new home. But it’s not always easy to make this happen. Find out how to keep your credit union “sticky” and your members coming back for more.

CU Mortgages Are NOT The Focus For Home Buyers

Home buyers spend much of their time focused on the home search and very little time focused on the mortgage—and recent research proves it. Read on for how your credit union can be involved with home buying members beyond a mortgage and not be left without a seat at the closing table.

Walking the Path to Purchase with Home Buyers

Many credit unions wait for their members to come to them to discuss mortgage options—and focus solely on marketing loan programs, rates and discounts. The challenge with this approach is that mortgage inquiries end up too far down the funnel. Avoid this mistake and learn how you can earn more purchase mortgage business.

A CU Sweet Spot: First-Time Millennial Homebuyers

First-time home buyers make up a large target market in the real estate industry, and an important group for credit unions. But the CU sweet spot for increasing purchase mortgages comes at the intersection of purchase experience and generation: first-time home buying Millennials.


Are CUs Selling A Mortgage or Amusement?

Real estate has evolved from having a need and fulfilling that need. Real estate is now entertainment. It’s not about mortgages; it’s about voyeurism, comparing ourselves to others, and a slew of other things. How can credit unions fit into the new real estate entertainment scene? 

The Race for First Point of Contact

Credit unions are in a continuous race to be the first point of contact for members looking for a loan, but how can a CU be at the hub of the home buying journey from the start? By reversing the traditional real estate lead model. 

Social Media & Credit Unions: Top 3 Improvements

Many credit unions have established social media strategies, but are these strategies creating the desired results? Research shows that over 50% of credit unions say “no”—but we’ve identified 3 key areas of improvement to breathe life back into any CU’s social media. 

What Do People Think About Credit Unions?

Society, members, banks and others may or may not accurately understand credit unions. But, CUs, we know what you really do—Credit unions offer amazing opportunities for members to own their dream home.


Casting a Wider Net through Real Estate Advocacy

Being your members’ real estate advocate and developing a softer side doesn't mean going soft on your lending goals. Real estate advocacy is all about helping members through their entire purchase process—not just lending—which means reaching more members. And that is just the beginning of a larger impact.

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