A Win-Win-Win Purchase Mortgage Program

When it comes to purchase mortgages, is it possible for everyone involved to walk away with a “win”? Unlike sports, where someone has to lose, a home purchase transaction can be a great experience for everyone involved. Find out from our CU partners how they’ve experienced this win-win-win.

The Infamous, Influential Real Estate Agent

Credit unions look at real estate agents in a variety of ways. However, no matter what a credit union’s current outlook or situation is with agents, facts confirm one thing: real estate agents are influential—especially with home buyers who look to them for more than just finding their dream home. But how can a credit union cultivate these contacts?

Three Steps Towards Earning More of Your Members Purchase Mortgage Business

We hear the same issues time and time again from credit unions across the country trying to engage with more of their home-buying members. Our advice can include a variety of tactics and tools. But three keys continue to hold true for nearly all of our CU partners. These keys create a long-term strategy that is truly effective.

Where Real Estate & Mortgage Channels Collide

There’s a unique moment in a home buyer’s journey of finding a home—the point where they stop dreaming and start looking. When they ask two very important questions: 1) Who can help me find a home? and 2) How much can I afford? Where is your credit union in this moment with members? Find out why it’s important to know.

CU Realty in the News

The credit union industry is changing when it comes to mortgages and real estate services. We’re thrilled to be a part of those improvements and to see the news media feature articles about our CU partners and our business model. Here are some of the coverage highlights from 2015.

Is Simply Educating CU Members Enough?

Learning events, such as webinars and seminars, can be great tools to provide future homebuyers with valuable knowledge, but are they enough to move members towards their next step in the home purchase process? What about blogs and other online information? We suggest looking beyond these and building a more effective and comprehensive strategy.

Key Purchase Mortgage Marketing Best Practices for CUs

Here at CU Realty, we constantly strive to help credit unions maximize their purchase mortgage business. One of our more recent initiatives sought to determine which months of the year are best to market purchase mortgages. Find out the results, as well as the when’s, what’s, and how’s we suggest in reaching more home buyers and increasing your purchase mortgage business.

Our New Data Reveals Best Time for Mortgage Marketing

Most lenders see late spring and summer as the prime time to be marketing their mortgage loans. Afterall, that is the usual home shopping season. But, according to the data we’ve recently collected here at CU Realty Services, if you wait that long, you might be missing your biggest opportunity to close more mortgage deals.

Home for the Holidays

The Christmas holiday period is a great time to remember that mortgages are more than a business — they are really about putting people in homes. At this special time of the year, we’d like to stop and take a moment to savour the thought that we — the team at CU Realty Services and our credit union partners around the United States — are honored to be helping so many families achieve their dream of owning a home.

Credit Unions Think Outside the Box to Help Millennials

Saving up for a down payment is difficult for many buyers in the market for a home, and nearly impossible for Millennials in California. Can credit unions help solve this problem and others that frequently arise for first-time home buyers? Find out here.

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