Part 2: “The ABC’s of Home Buyers”

With the recent decline in refinancing, many credit unions are looking to ramp up their purchase money business quickly, leaving marketing departments challenged to come up to speed just as fast. Here are the top five things CUs need to know about home buyers.

Part 1: Race to be First—The Importance of First Point of Contact

The First Point of Contact™ is able to influence almost every aspect of any residential real estate transaction, including the buyer’s selection of a mortgage lender. Here’s why this position is so important to credit unions and and why it’s worth fighting for.

CU Realty Welcomes Three New Credit Unions

CU Realty is pleased to welcome three more credit unions to the HomeAdvantage family: The $1.1 billion Sound Credit Union in Tacoma, Wash.; $360 million Alliance Credit Union in San Jose, Calif.; and $264 million First U.S. Community Credit Union in Sacramento, Calif., are among seven credit unions and a mortgage CUSO along the West Coast that have begun offering the program since the start of this year.

You Should Be Courting First-Time Home Buyers

The refinancing boom of late has left its mark. With so many homeowners locked into mid-3% mortgage rates, the odds are they will stay put for awhile. So what's a credit union to do? How does it keep members' interest and continue growing in its purchase-mortgage business? Turn your attention toward the next-gen home buyer. Millennials in search of their first home can provide a great opportunity for credit union lenders.

What Does Increased Inventory Mean for Your Credit Union’s Purchase Mortgage Business?

With inventory up, homes are selling, prices are increasing, and confidence is growing. Is your CU ready to serve your members in a this new market? Here’s what you can expect and what you should do.

CUs Say, “Welcome Back!” The Majority Purchase Mortgage Application Market Has Returned

The housing market is stronger today than at any point since the Great Recession began and hit bottom in 2009. And now, for the first time since 2009, purchase mortgage applications exceed refi applications. It is critical that credit unions prepare to capitalize on the influx of new purchase applications. What can your CU expect to see?

2014 Real Estate Trends Illuminate Opportunities for California Credit Unions to Increase Purchase Mortgage Business

Home buying activity in California is perking up and so should credit unions who want to fund those purchases! Reports from the CAR showing leaps in housing prices, along with a shift from investors to primary home buyers, puts credit unions in California in prime position for increasing their mortgage purchase business. Employing these strategies can help credit unions do just that.

The Best and Worst Mortgage Marketing Strategies for Credit Unions

Change is the new norm and whether your credit union can adapt quickly can mean the difference between success and failure. Identifying which tried-and-true mortgage and real estate marketing strategies should be kept, tossed, fine-tuned and added is key. So, how do credit unions decide which is which? CU Realty Services’ Tandy Vincent sheds light on a new strategy credit unions should consider.

CU Housing Market Insights: Recovering Prices or Red Flags for a Coming Crisis?

There is a debate right now as to whether rising home prices are a sign of recovery or a sign of another devastating housing bubble. Drastically rising home prices coupled with low to no down payments could signal a red flag. Only time will truly tell if we are in the middle of another bubble. In the meantime, credit unions can still be proactive according to CU Realty’s Mike Corn.

Visual Marketing Can Help Reach Savvy Credit Union Home Buyers

The future of mortgage lending depends on reaching an increasingly savvy consumer who embraces online access to mortgage and real estate shopping tools--and they are particularly attracted to visual prompts. As an evolving trend, visual images used as a “form of communication is growing and becoming the preferred method of communication,” even for credit unions.

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