CU Realty Articles

June 2018
The Extinction of External Loan Officers Is Coming
Credit Union Times

June 2018
Affinity FCU’s New Purchase Mortgage Marketing Program Is a Game Changer at the Branch Level
CU Business

December 2017
Lenders Link Up With Real Estate Services
Journal Gazette

October 2017
How a Comprehensive Real Estate Program Transformed Our Business
CU Business

April 2017
Mortgage CUSOs Help CUs Be 'Full Service,' Part 2

March 2017
More Than Just Rising Rates: A Look at 2017's Other Mortgage Trends
CU Journal

November 2016
How CUs Can Create a Strong Mortgage Pipeline in the Midst of Today’s Hot Refi Market
CU Business

May 2016
For CUs, the Real Estate Advocacy Trend Comes of Age
CU Business

April 2016
Mortgage Tech for Every Step
Credit Union Management

April 2016
There's a CUSO For That
Credit Union Management

Jan 4, 2016
Help Millennials With Mortgages and Build Long-term Member Relationships
CU Insight

Dec 1, 2015
CU Realty Services Signs Five CUs
CU Journal

Nov 23, 2015
New Year Hot for Mortgage Shopping: Data

Nov 22 2015
When Should Mortgages Be Marketed? Analysis Urges A Rethinking
CU Today

May 19, 2015
Affinity Plus Mortgage Program Saves Members Bucks

Dec 23, 2014
Mortgage Opportunities During Life’s Big Moments
Credit Union Times

Dec 4, 2014
Case Study: IBM Southeast EFCU Changes the Game with Launch of HomeAdvantage™
Credit Union Business

Oct 30, 2014
Modern Mortgages For Members

Oct 28, 2014
How To Help Members Learn About Today’s Mortgage Options

Sept 23, 2014
Could Millennials Finally Find a Home In CUs?
CU Journal

Aug 1, 2014
You Should Be Courting First-Time Home Buyers
CU Journal

Jun 20, 2014
Fastest Moving Home Markets Require Agility
CU Times

Apr 15, 2014
With Americans moving every 5-7 Years, two eastern credit unions are helping members find their dream home
CU Insight

Apr 14, 2014
Time to Rethink Your Position in the Homebuyer Lifecycle
CUNA Lending Council

Apr 7, 2014
6 Ways To Become A Realtor’s Go-To Lender

Mar 24, 2014
Credit Unions Pay You to Find Your Dream Home
CUNA Lending Council

Mar 7, 2014
Housing Market Favors the Wealthy
Credit Unions Online

Jan 6, 2014
Beyond Mortgages: Indiana Members Credit Union Sees Success with Real Estate Services Program
CUNA Lending Council

Jan 2014
2014 Says Goodbye to Refis, Hello to Purchase Mortgages
Credit Union Business

Dec 16, 2013
Success Comes Quickly for Credit Unions Shifting from Mortgage Services to Real Estate Services
CU Insight

Dec 6, 2013
As Real Estate Markets Across Country Make a Comeback, CUSO Experiences Growth Spurt
CU Journal

Nov 13, 2013
The Housing Market Post-Shutdown: Aftershocks or Just Road Bumps?
CU Insight

Oct 15, 2013
CU Mortgage Lending Hit by Cash Sales
CU Times

Oct 8, 2013
Credit Unions Poised to Improve Purchase Mortgage Business
CU Insight

Oct 7, 2013
Unlocking Opportunity in Mortgage Lending Arena
CU Journal

Oct 7, 2013
Steps CUs are Taking to Generate More Mortgages
CU Journal

Sep 13, 2013
Mortgages Shifting From Refinance to Purchase
CU Times

Aug 12, 2013
Why You Should Call Your Credit Union First for a Mortgage
Credit Unions Online

Oct 25, 2012
Housing Market Gains Expand Opportunities for CUs
CU Times

Sept 25, 2012
Sandia Laboratory FCU Positions Itself as Members’ Resource for Home Loans
CU Management Loan Zone

Sept 17, 2012
Letter: Mortgage Growth Timing is Now
CU Times

Jul 2, 2012
Purchase Money Mortgages Touted
CU Times

Jun 26, 2012
CUSO Urges CUs to Stop Seeing Mortgages as Products
CU Times

Jun 6, 2012
Mortgages: CUSOs Help CUs Reach New Heights
CU Times

May 23, 2011
Trust is Great
Credit Union Journal

May 3, 2011
CU Members Benefit From In-House Real Estate Services
Credit Unions Online

Dec 20, 2010
The Big and the Bold

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