CU Realty Services Press Releases


October 25, 2018
Tower Reaches $2 Million Status in CU Realty’s Million Dollar Club

September 26, 2018
Northwest Federal CU Is the First CU to Reach $5 Million Milestone with HomeAdvantage Program

September 17, 2018
USF Federal Credit Union Becomes the 13th Florida CU to Partner with CU Realty Services

June 12, 2018
Mission Federal Credit Union Becomes the 21st Credit Union in California to Implement CU Realty’s HomeAdvantage Program

May 14, 2018
CU Realty Services Expands Florida Presence with Three New Credit Union Partners

April 26, 2018
CU Realty Services Celebrates Year-Over-Year Growth in 2017; Delivers $5.82M in HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards

March 22, 2018
Affinity FCU Partners with CU Realty Services to Bring HomeAdvantage to New Jersey

March 18, 2018
CU Realty Services Expands Presence in Texas Through Partnership with EECU

January 25, 2018
Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union Brings HomeAdvantage to Missouri

December 19, 2017
CU Realty Services Expands Further into Florida with Two New Credit Union Partners

December 7, 2017
CU Realty Services Adds Two New Credit Union Partners in Pennsylvania

November 29, 2017
BCU Reaches $2 Million Status in CU Realty’s Million Dollar Club

November 16, 2017
CU Realty Services Continues California Expansion with Three New Credit Union Partners

November 14, 2017
Revolutionizing Your Credit Union’s Purchase Mortgage Marketing: A How-To Guide

October 13, 2017
Merrimack Valley’s New Real Estate Program Is Building a Pipeline of Mortgage Leads

October 6, 2017
How the Mortgage Department at Indiana’s ProFed Federal Credit Union Built the Real Estate Agent Network of Its Dreams

May 11, 2017
SPIRE Credit Union Makes Real Estate Services a Top Priority and Fills Purchase Mortgage Pipeline

May 4, 2017
Four Credit Unions Partner with CU Realty Services to Boost Purchase Mortgage Volume

April 25, 2017
SAFE Credit Union Finds New Path to Reach Home Buyers with HomeAdvantage

March 28, 2017
CU Realty Services Reports 23 Percent Year-Over-Year Growth in 2016; Delivers $5.473M in HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards

February 21, 2017
Eight CUs Inducted into CU Realty Services’ Inaugural “Million Dollar Club”

February 7, 2017
Educational Systems Federal Credit Union Grows Mortgage Pipeline by 25 Percent with HomeAdvantage Real Estate Program

December 15, 2016
Apple FCU Joins CU Realty Services’ Million Dollar Club After Saving Members $1.3 Million

December 13, 2016
State Department Federal Credit Union Saves Members $1.1 Million While Closing Mortgages for Members in the U.S. and Overseas

November 17, 2016
BCU Hits Milestone; Saves Members $1.3 Million

October 12, 2016
HomeAdvantage Real Estate Agents Are Key to Helping Credit Unions Close More Mortgages

October 5, 2016
CU Realty Services Recognizes Wright-Patt Credit Union for Saving Members $1.6 Million

September 14, 2016
CU Realty Services Continues to Penetrate California Market; Adds Five New Credit Union Partners this Year

September 6, 2016
Kinecta Federal Credit Union Partners with HomeAdvantage to Help Members Find the Home of Their Dreams

August 30, 2016
A Home Buyer’s Path to Homeownership Is Predictable, Mappable and Profitable for Credit Unions

July 14, 2016
TwinStar Credit Union Enjoys Substantial Increase in Purchase Volume After Partnering with CU Realty Services

April 6, 2016
Credit Unions See Measurable Gains in Mortgage Growth After Developing a Healthy Real Estate Agent Network

March 31, 2016
Schools Financial Credit Union Chooses CU Realty Services to Grow Mortgage Business

March 21, 2016
CU Realty Services Expands Team to Support Growth

March 10, 2016
2015 Annual Report: CU Realty Services Hits 5th Year-Over-Year Growth Milestones

March 1, 2016
CU Realty Services Releases New eBook

Feb 10, 2016
Consumers Credit Union Partners with CU Realty to Grow Purchase Mortgage Business

Nov 25, 2015
Five More Credit Unions Opt for CU Realty's HomeAdvantage™

Nov 16, 2015
New Data Says Early in New Year is “Sweet Spot” for Engaging Home Buyers

Nov 2, 2015
Star One CU Focuses on Member Advocacy, Chooses HomeAdvantage™ to Help

Oct 21, 2015
USE Credit Union Opts for CU Realty Services’ HomeAdvantage™ Program

Sep 28, 2015
UVA Community Credit Union Turns to CU Realty Service’s HomeAdvantage™ to Boost Mortgage Business

Aug 26, 2015
New CU Realty Services eBook Urges: “Be Members’ Real Estate Advocate.”

Jun 3, 2015
CU Realty Services Urges Credit Unions to Become Members’ Real Estate Advocate

May 8, 2015
CU Realty Services Issues eBook to Help Credit Unions Build Relationships With Real Estate Agents

May 6, 2015
Space Coast Credit Union Chooses HomeAdvantage™ To Make Home-Buying Easier

Apr 1, 2015
CU Realty Services Signs 38 New Credit Unions in Past Two Years, Saves Members $3.6MM in Closing Costs This Year

Mar 5, 2015
Wings Financial Credit Union Partners with CU Realty Services to Offer Members HomeAdvantage™ – a Turnkey Real Estate Program

Feb 4, 2015
CU Realty’s Free Webinar Helps CUs Connect with Real Estate Agents to Grow Mortgages

Sept 23, 2014
Los Angeles Police FCU Shares Benefits of Real Estate Services For Credit Unions
in New Video

Sept 12, 2014
Real Estate Services and Word of Mouth Spark Purchase Mortgages at IBM Southeast Employees’ FCU

Aug 20, 2014
Free Webinar Helps CUs Understand Today’s Buyers, Grow More Mortgages

Aug 19, 2014
Popular Real Estate Program Adds Three West Coast Credit Unions

Jul 3, 2014
Northern California Credit Unions See Boost in Purchase Mortgage Business with CU Realty’s HomeAdvantage™ Program

Jun 23, 2014
CU Realty’s Redesigned Websites Make it Easier for Members to Use HomeAdvantage™, Expands Co-Branding Opportunities

May 19, 2014
More Southern California Credit Unions Rely on CU Realty’s HomeAdvantage™ Program to Attract Home Buyers – and Their Financing

May 12, 2014
CU Realty Services appoints new Regional Account Manger

Apr 14, 2014
With Americans Moving Every 5-7 Years, Two Eastern Credit Unions Are Helping Members Find Their Dream Home

Mar 17, 2014
Jumping on the 2014 Trend: Credit Unions Turn to CU Realty Services to Bolster Home Loans as Purchase Mortgages Outdistance Refinances

Mar 12, 2014
CU Realty Services Pays Out $2.85 Million in Member Cash Rewards,
Sees Record Growth in 2013


Jan 7, 2014
CU Realty Services Appoints New Regional Account Manager

Dec 12, 2013
More Credit Unions Turn to CU Realty Services to Help Grow Mortgages

Sept 9, 2013
Veteran CU Real Estate Exec Barry Stricklin Joins CU Realty Services’ Board

Aug 30, 2013
Soup to Nuts: Maryland’s SECU and CU Realty Services Announce Partnership

Aug 19, 2013
Perfect Storm: Rising Rates, Refi Lull Steer LA Police FCU to CU Realty Services

Aug 2, 2013
CU Realty, CUHMS Partner to Offer Turnkey Real Estate Program for Credit Unions

Jun 25, 2013
CU Realty Services Adds Staff to Serve Chicago and Midwest Communities

Jun 10, 2013
CU/America Teams with CU Realty to Meet Members’ Shifting Mortgage Needs

Jun 3, 2013
CU Realty Announces New Partnerships with CFE, FCU and MECU

May 7, 2013
CU Realty Services Adds Two Professionals to Deepen Client Relationships

Apr 29, 2013
CU Realty White Paper Explodes Fears about Real Estate Agent Relationships

Mar 25, 2013
Postal CU Looks to Grow Purchase Mortgages through Real Estate Services

Mar 18, 2013
1st United Services Offers One-stop Shopping for Real Estate Services

Feb 4, 2013
First Entertainment Expands Real Estate Program for Added Value

Jan 22, 2013
Partners FCU Poised for Purchase Mortgage Surge

Oct 30, 2012
Meadows CU, CURS Partner to Save Members Time, Money

Oct 19, 2012
Tropical Financial CU Ready for Housing Market Rebound

Sept 19, 2012
Ocean Communities FCU Plans for Post-Refi Growth; Signs with CURS

Aug 2, 2012
Indiana Members CU Shifts Focus From Mortgage to Real Estate w/CURS

Jun 25, 2012
New White Paper Suggests Real Estate Services as a Core Product

Jun 16, 2012
CU Realty Services Passes 10 Years, Helps CUs Grow Mortgages

May 29, 2012
CU Realty Signs Belvoir Federal Credit Union

Mar 15, 2012
CU Realty White Paper Offers Help for Growing Mortgage Market Share

Feb 8, 2012
CU Realty Services and Client Credit Unions Help Save Members $1.8 MM

Feb 1, 2012
CU Realty Services Offers Free Webinars to Help CUs Expand Lending

Jan 27, 2012
CU Realty Steps Up Education... Selects MJB PR Group to Assist


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"We have been exceptionally pleased with the partnership with CU Realty. Participating in the program has assisted us with mortgage lead generation, and the relationships built with the CU Realty agents have proved to be invaluable, bringing awareness about the program to our members through the CU Realty events. Our members love the program and have saved over $46,000 in rebates since its inception."

Ron Collier
President & CEO
Indiana Members Credit Union
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