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A Revolution in Purchase Mortgage Marketing

How Technology Opened the Door for Credit Unions to Attract, Identify, Nurture and Close More Purchase Mortgage Loans.
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Mapping the Home Buyer Journey

Today's buyers aren’t shopping for rates, products or programs. Most won't talk to a lender until the end of the process. Mapping the buyer journey can engage members earlier and earn more mortgage business
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Building the Perfect Real Estate Agent Network

Establishing the right relationships with the right real estate agents can transform your credit union’s role in the home buying process and dramatically expand your purchase money pipeline.
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Increasing Your Purchase Mortgage Market Share with Real Estate Services

Discover why real estate services has emerged as one of the most compelling mortgage growth strategies for credit unions, how it works, market trends make it an essential strategy and how to build a program of your own.
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Engaging Homebuyers Through Real Estate Advocacy

This eBook is designed to help your credit union discover the benefits of shifting its focus from being just lender to an full-service real estate advocate — helping members through their entire home-buying journey from finding a home to financing it.
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Got Realtors? Building the Right Agent Referral Program Can Increase Your Credit
Union's Purchase Mortgage Portfolio and Deepen Member Relationships

This eBook is designed to help credit unions understand the value in having real estate agent relationships as well as foundational tips for building an agent referral program of their own.
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White Paper
Realtors: Friend or Foe? A Study of Credit Union Fears and Success in
Protecting Members’ Mortgage Business

Based on CU Realty's January 2013 client survey and other research, this white paper 10-page white paper highlights common credit union fears as well as their successes in building positive Realtor partnerships and purchase mortgage market share.
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White Paper
Making the Shift: Helping Credit Unions Establish Real Estate Services as a
Core Product Offering

This 11-page white paper highlights smart best practices that credit unions should follow when working to establish real estate services into their core product mix. These best practices have been executed and shared among CU Realty's most successful credit union partners.
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White Paper
A Credit Union's Guide to Increasing Purchase Mortgage Market Share Through
Real Estate Services

This 8-page white paper explains how recent changes in the real estate marketplace have opened the doors of opportunity for credit unions looking to increase their purchase mortgage volume.
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"Our members are savvy and will do their research, so it’s great that we can give them these options. And with budgets tight, members are looking to maximize dollars, so the rebates are especially attractive."

Steve Silva
VP of Marketing
Hanscom FCU
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